From Our Director… Phenomenal Life-Saving in 2018

December 30, 2018

What a productive year 2018 has been for the pets and people of A New Leash on Life!  We surpassed 14,000 total lives saved as a non-profit organization by saving and serving over 2367 animals this year…1601 dogs and 751 cats, plus 15 horses, pigs, rabbits, and ducks!  A lot of beating hearts.  A phenomenal year for us and THEM!  And sweet Toffee is safe ?

Our goal is simply to SAVE THEM ALL.  Can you imagine an Alabama where no adoptable pet is killed in a shelter ever again simply for being unwanted?  We can!  And we believe they all deserve to experience a connection with someone who loves them, no matter their age or health.

I am in awe of the accomplishments our team of humans has been making for 14 years to help homeless animals heal and find loving, forever families.  Our team consists of foster families, adoption center volunteers, thrift store volunteers, shelter outreach volunteers, social media volunteers, adoption counselors, event volunteers, fundraising volunteers, office volunteers, transport volunteers, and the list goes on and on…but the list is not complete without YOU, because…

It is estimated that our country is still killing about 1.5 million pets per year (over 4100 per day) in municipal shelters, far less than the 17 million being killed in 1984 when the no-kill movement began, but still shameful.  Much progress and love…for the pets and each other…has gotten us this far.  But our work is far from done, and for that very reason, we will continue working hard each day to save Alabama’s homeless pets.

Join our exceptional volunteer team, adopt or foster a pet, and/or make a life-saving gift at today for a 2018 tax deduction, and you will be helping homeless animals in need!  We have exciting plans for 2019 to increase our life-saving ability to over 3000 lives per year and would love to have you on our team.  The more helpful humans we have, the more homeless pets we can save!  They are counting on us to give them A New Leash on Life!

Peace, Love, and Happy Tails!

Debbie Dodd