Brownsboro Lifesaving Center

Our Brownsboro Lifesaving Center is a place of comfort, love, play, good nutrition, and rest for the dogs and cats in our program who don’t have foster or forever homes yet.

Our Brownsboro Lifesaving Center (BLC) is a green, 2-story home with a copper roof, open to adopters by appointment. More animal-loving VOLUNTEERS are needed for taking care of adoptable pets. Dogs live together in community rooms with raised beds, toys, and doggie doors leading out to large, fenced play yards. Cats live together in community rooms with climbing walls, cat trees, comfy beds and lots of sunlight! Our cats also have an awesome catio (cat patio) so our BLC cats can get fresh air whenever they want, just like our dogs do. Our BLC has a HUGE back yard where you can throw a ball as hard as you want, and it still won’t reach the fence! Our dogs and volunteers love the back yard.

Mystery Laying in Grass at A New Leash Lodge in Huntsville AL
Volunteers work with the pets at the lodge, providing them with food, water, exercise, play, and LOVE several times a day, in addition to cleaning, laundry, yard work, maintenance, and other varying tasks. It is a neat place to volunteer if you like being around dogs and cats with all types of personalities. Our lodgers are a HOOT!


If you would like to talk to someone about volunteering at our Brownsboro Lifesaving Center, please fill out a volunteer application.