Lodge News: Additional space for lodge felines coming soon!


Cat 1Exciting work is well underway at the New Leash on Life lodge bringing new space for our kitty cat lodgers. The cat patio (“catio”) is an expansion of the current cat room which will allow our friendly felines to get fresh air and sunshine in a safe, secure environment. Funding and construction of the expansion comes from the amazing turnout we had at our 11th Birthday Bash held November 6th at the Yellowhammer Brewery and by our amazing volunteer, Brett Underwood who is constructing the catio. Our dogs have long had the ability to roam freely inside and outside but this is the first time our upstairs lodgers, the cats, will have the ability to roam into a large screened in sun room.

If you are interested in visiting the lodge to see how you can get involved, please contact Karen Smith at Karen@anewleash.org.Cat6