From Our Director…

December 30, 2016

What a great year 2016 has been! I am in awe of the accomplishments our team of humans has made while working tirelessly for the animal kingdom. It’s a job that never ends, but a job that is ultimately very, very, very rewarding. Our team works for THEM, our animal friends, and in the process, many humans benefit as well. And the more we save, the more we want to save even more!

Our goal for 2016 was to save over 2000 lives, and we have done it! In fact, we have saved 2016 animals in 2016…753 cats and 1263 dogs! I think that is pretty darn neat! Those 2016 lives came from North Alabama kill shelters, the streets of North Alabama, and owners who could no longer care for them. It is exciting to be part of this intelligent, creative, and compassionate, problem-solving team who strives daily to create new ways to save more lives who are in danger. This team never gives up or loses hope even with the daunting task of finding solutions for so many in need.

If you have adopted a homeless pet, donated your time, belongings, or money to the cause, or helped animals in any way this year, I want to THANK YOU! Also, special thanks to Digium for selecting us as their 2016 charity of the year, to Venturi Aerospace for an especially generous grant, and to Adtran for partnering with us to help more homeless pets find homes! We feel so blessed to be part of a community who values the lives of all animals, human and not. You have helped make the world a better place for THEM and for US! And of course, I must include that there is still time to make your 2016 tax-deductible donation by visiting our donation page at 🙂

Our pets fill us with joy and inspiration during their lives, which are far too short. They give us a certain quality of life through a bond that is hard to describe exactly, and we just know they are there for us no matter what. Though we speak different languages, we achieve profound understanding and communication with them when we just take the time to watch, touch, and listen to them as they do us. They are a gift! It is shameful that more than 3 million pets across our country are still homeless and not able to experience a connection with someone who loves them. For that very reason, we will continue working hard each day for Alabama’s homeless pets, because they are counting on us to give them A New Leash on Life! Please join us so we can help more!

Peace, Love, and Happy Tails!
Debbie Dodd
Director, A New Leash on Life, Inc.