Adoption Process


A New Leash on Life cares about each pet and wants to make the best decision possible for him/her, even though it requires a heavy investment of time for each adoption. It is our job to learn about your lifestyle so we can match the right pet to your family. We want each match between pet and new owner to be one based on the needs of the home, the family, and the pet.  In order to accomplish this, we have volunteer adoption counselors who discuss the pros and cons of the selected pet during the adoption process. They call vet references, and take each pet for a home visit.

Most of the pets we have in our program have come from undesirable situations. Their background varies, but undeniably, most come from neglectful and stressful environments. We want our program to be the pet’s last transition to a new home, and we want their next home to be their forever home. When a pet is returned to us, we hope that it is for a reason we did not anticipate during the adoption process.

Our adoption survey is designed to help you find a companion who is compatible for you, your family, your lifestyle, and your home. Our wish, for each pet in our program, is that their next home is their forever home so that they never have to experience being homeless again. Thank you for considering adoption!


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