Adopt Only Spayed/Neutered Pets From Reputable Rescues

New Leash Adopt-A-Thon, May 1,2,3 (Fri, Sat, Sun) Look for the GREEN!

A New Leash on Life will be at the Petsmart on Carl T. Jones Dr. with lots of wonderful cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies for adoption. A New Leash on Life spays/neuters, microchips, vaccinates, deworms, heartworm tests(dogs), feline leukemia/FIV tests(cats), ALL pets in our program BEFORE adopting them out to the public. At Petsmart, our pets are in cages with GREEN towels and our volunteers are in GREEN shirts. Other rescues will be there, as well.

It is important for the public to support and adopt from only those rescues who adopt out fully-vetted pets. Especially important is spaying and neutering BEFORE adoption. Not all rescues do this, and they are adding to the homeless pet population that is being euthanized every day in our city shelter, because there are not enough homes for them all.

Please join us in working toward ending the suffering and euthanasia of unwanted pets in our community by adopting only from rescues who spay/neuter before adoption. Together we can make a difference.

Adopt a GREEN dog or cat from A New Leash on Life TODAY!
Sweet Mom Nursing Kittens who are not hers