Goodnight, Mystery

The Queen of the Lodge has crossed the rainbow bridge and now she can do what she does best. Watch over all of us and keep us safe.

She was our very own little black bear. For when she loved you, it was unconditional, fierce and with everything she had. She was protective of her Lodge and everyone in it. Always the first to alert us when someone she didn’t know arrived. But, she also let us know when our friends were there too. You always knew by the sound of her bark which one it was. She had us all trained very well. She was the first to get fed and if you were behind her schedule she scolded you. Always one to like her schedule, she would remind you if you happened to forget when it was her time to go into the Big Yard. Even though it only consisted of walking around to check out each corner of the yard. She wouldn’t come back until she was satisfied that everything was secure.

She loved the cool weather and rainy days the best. Standing in the pouring rain and I would swear she had a huge grin on her face the whole time. I’m pretty sure the only thing she enjoyed more than treats and her stuffed babies (Auntie Serena always kept her fully stocked), were her belly rubs. Somehow she always managed to lay down in front of the door when you were cleaning her room so you had to give her a treat and belly rubs to be able to leave again. Usually she was pretty good at making sure the whole belly was rubbed. She was really good at rolling around so all sides could be properly attended to. She is one of a kind and there will never be another like her.

We will all miss you Mystery Girl. You have left an empty space in our lives but will forever fill our hearts.