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Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Age: 9 months


Status: Adoptable

Pip is a really special little guy. He adores catnip and absolutely loses his mind rolling around like a madman if you put some down for him. He drools a little when he gets too happy and excited, so giving him snuggles can sometimes get a little bit drooly – but that’s just his way of saying how much he loves you! Pippie adores other cats and can make new friends with anyone. He brings out the playfulness in older cats and the gentle snuggly caring in younger ones. (He’s generally ambivalent to his foster-dog siblings.) After playing tag with other cats in the household and rolling in anything vaguely catnip-associated, his very best favorite game is batting around the ball in his ball-track toy.

Pip is a very shy cat, and he’s ready for a special someone who’s looking for a true “rescue” story. Open spaces still make him nervous, but with patience and consistency in his environment, he’s getting braver every day. When he’s mustering up his courage to explore a new area, he chirps quietly to himself to psyche himself up and then makes several quick “scouting” dashes. As he’s been getting more and more comfortable with his environment, he’s also been learning that humans aren’t all scary. In the time he’s been in our program, he’s transitioned from a terrified cat who would freeze stiff if anyone tried to interact with him to a cat who completely melts into a lovebug when he starts getting petted. He adores belly rubs, and rolls around belly-up, kneading and purring, whenever he gets snuggles.

If you think you might be the person Pip’s been looking for, please fill out an adoption application today! He’s definitely a bit of a “puzzle” cat – one who needs extra care and dedication to “unlock” – but once he learns to trust you, he pays back that love tenfold.

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