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Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Pinscher, Miniature/Mix

Age: 3 years, 7 months

Size: Small (1-19)

Status: Adoptable

Life seems to have been pretty complicated for this goofy little guy. He was such a mess, both mentally and physically, when we pulled him from the Lawrence County shelter. He didn’t trust anyone. He had heartworms. He had no hair, but had rough, scaly skin. We couldn’t put a leash on him without seeing his snarling teeth. When we fed him, we had to slide the bowl toward him or he would try to bite us. He wouldn’t play or interact with our dogs or cats. He was constantly on guard, trying to protect himself from everyone and everything. We wondered what could have happened to him to make him so miserable, so untrusting.

As the weeks went on, those bad behaviors began to improve in his foster home. We had his heartworms treated. He stopped trying to bite us when we leashed or fed him. He learned he could trust us. And he learned what love and kindness are! He still doesn’t trust new people immediately, especially men. But he now sits in his foster dad’s lap and loves every minute of being rubbed. He enjoys meals instead of guarding them. He plays WILDLY with the large and small dogs in his foster home. He is a happy boy. But he is sensitive to change, so will need to be transitioned slowly into a forever home so that he will succeed and thrive.

Believe us when we say, he will be worth the wait! He is a great companion. He loves to sleep beside you in bed. He loves to go for leash walks and car rides and weighs about 29 lbs. If you’d like more info on MinTinTin, please click “Adopt Me” to fill out an adoption survey. By filling out an adoption survey, we will be able to contact you to answer your questions about MinTinTin and to help set up a meet and greet! (An adoption survey is not a commitment to adopt the pet you are interested in.)

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