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Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Shepherd, German/Mix

Age: 5 years

Size: Medium (20-59)

Status: Adoptable

Milkshake (aka Mama) is a beautiful, brown eyed shepherd mix. While her exact age and date of birth are unknown, she is believed to be about 5 years old and is most likely a Pisces. Like a true Pisces, Milkshake is shy and reserved, and she takes her time letting anyone in. Don’t let this deter you though! She is the perfect companion if you are looking for someone to relax with you on a Saturday night. She enjoys her peace and quiet, along with her leisurely strolls in the yard. Milkshake will shine best being the only fur baby in your life or sharing you with another chill, older dog, as loud noises and energetic pups are not her cup of tea. Milkshake also prefers leash walks over playtime, women over men, and yogurt over any other treat. When she starts wagging that tail, she’s patiently waiting for ear rubs, so don’t keep her waiting long! She is a gentle, old soul desperately seeking the right human to show her love, patience, and to introduce her to the wonderful world of couch snuggles. If you think this could be you, please reach out today!

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