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Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 4 months


Status: Adoptable

My name is Kitcat and I am a tiny little thing but I am courageous, loving, playful, and fearless!

I have am a tabby girl with deep dark tones. My foster mom thinks I look like an ALIEN but a cute one!

I live with 2 dogs and I love to play with the big dogs tail . I also have cat roomies and I get along with everyone. My bestie Sara is looking for a home too…so if you want two! Double the cuteness – Double the trouble! Actually, I am very well behaved and I enjoy snuggle time in the evenings with my humans. I enjoy watching Dateline AND Housewives of every city .

I am ready to find my forever – please pick ME!

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