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Hershey Grizz

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Retriever/Retriever, Labrador

Age: 3 years, 1 month

Size: Medium (20-59)

Status: Adoptable

Hershey Grizz is, first and foremost, obsessed with fetch. He’s very polite about it, but make no mistake, he is addicted to tennis balls. If he wants to play, he will gently gently deposit a ball in your lap. If you don’t throw that one, no matter, he must’ve just picked out the wrong ball. He’ll find another one and try that one on your lap. He is a smart, obedient little man, and gave his foster such a surprise when he started obeying commands she issued just on reflex! He knows how to “sit”, “lie down”, and even “give” on command, though sometimes his love of tennis balls briefly overrides that last one. When he’s not chasing a tennis ball … or chewing a tennis ball … or locating a tennis ball to chase or chew … Grizz loves nothing more than to curl up as close to both you and and his sister Saukko as he can get. He’s got quite the luxurious neck ruff, and leans right into a good under-the-chin neck scratch. Grizz and his sister Bella Saukko have lived together their entire lives, so of course they need to be adopted together too! If you’re looking for a great pair of very polite dogs to throw a ball with or go hiking, and then come home and all watch a movie together on the couch, look no further!

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