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Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 2 years, 4 months


Status: Adoptable

Femi is a sweet girl who seems like she’s been given some reasons to mistrust humans in her past. But she’s come so far in the time that she’s been with us, and she’s looking for someone to trust and call her own. Femi has done well with a (large, goofy) dog in her foster home, and she loves to play chase-the-laser with her foster cat siblings. She’s quite playful with toys, and one of her favorite games is playing soccer with a tennis ball. Once she starts to trust you, Femi likes to get snuggles and belly rubs, though she’s still sometimes skittish and unsure if the nice hand might turn into a mean hand. She’s even started hopping up each night to sleep at the foot of the bed, curled against her foster mom’s legs! As she’s settled into her foster home, Femi’s taken to hanging out near her foster mom, sleepily watching her from under the kitchen table while she’s cooking or on her bed nearby while she works at her desk. She also loves to cuddle up in her cat bed, though, of course, that requires at least 30 minutes of purring and kneading on the bed to soften it up for proper snuggles. Femi’s facial expressions are legendary, and she’s especially adept at a pitch-perfect disdain, which she’ll shoot at you if you do something particularly bone-headed. If you think this reserved, personality-filled girl might be what you’ve been looking for, please fill out an adoption survey today for more information!

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