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Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 8 months


Status: Adoptable

HI THERE! My name is Dublin. I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2019. I am a big loving baby looking for a special pet parent. I am as sweet as pie and a little shy .

I love playing with people, other cats (especially my brother, Limerick), and video games! My favorite game app is Friskies Cat Fishing, but I prefer to watch my brother play. You should see how fast he can tap those fish! I really, really like “Squirrels and Birds for Cats to Watch by Paul Dinning on YouTube. For active play I enjoy cat trees, wand toys, balls, tiny stuffed toys, and tunnels.

I am sound trained. If you click a fork twice on a cat food can, I’ll come running and follow you to my bowl. I am well behaved. I always use my litter box. I like my scratching posts and cardboard scratchers, especially if cat nip is sprinkled on top.

When tired, my brother and I nuzzle and knead our fleece blanket side by side. Even though we live in a foster home with other cats we like, Limerick and I recognize each other’s calls and sleep together in the same spot every night. We would love to fill a special spot in your home and in your heart.

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