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Sex: Male

Breed: Beagle/Mix

Age: 4 years

Size: Medium (20-59)

Status: Adoptable

Cobalt is a happy, happy, sweet, adorable beagle mix. He weighs 24 lbs. Cobalt has the typical gorgeous beagle eyes and loving disposition. He gets along great with big and small dogs in his foster home, as well as the cats. He is still learning how to play with toys, but loves to hangout with his foster mom. He will follow his person all around the house and yard, just to stay close to you. He has a beautiful beagle baying alert when he catches the scent of a wayward squirrel in the backyard. Cobalt is potty trained.

Cobalt does have some special needs that will require a home where someone is available to provide care at ~3 hour intervals during the day. Cobalt came to ANLOL with a back injury and associated nerve damage. As a result, he has lost some of the use of his back legs. Crate rest and pain management have improved this and Cobalt gets around well, both walking and running (in a slightly wonky way). Cobalt also has paraphimosis from the nerve damage. He has undergone 2 surgeries for this, which improved it, but did not fully correct it. Thus he needs care every 2-3 hours to prevent further penile injury. Cobalt is a wonderful dog who truly deserves his new leash on life.

Update: Cobalt has been diagnosed with pemphigus folliaceus, an autoimmune skin issue. He is responding well to treatment and appears to be headed into remission. It is a non-contagious condition which causes small lesions/hot spots on the skin. The original cause of his outbreak is unknown, and we do not know if it will flare up again after treatment is completed.

Despite all of his health complications, Cobalt remains a sweet, loving beagle who loves attention, patrolling the yard for squirrels, and food.

If you’d like more info on Cobalt and his special needs, please click “Adopt Me” to fill out an adoption survey. By filling out an adoption survey, we will be able to contact you to answer your questions about Cobalt and to help set up a meet and greet! (An adoption survey is not a commitment to adopt the pet you are interested in.)

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