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Cindy Bear

Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 10 months


Status: Adoptable

I’m Cindy Bear. Welcome to my adoption page.

I model a short spotted grey fur coat with a silky touch. The dark beauty mark highlighting my left eye is complemented by matching ear tips and tail. I am shy and will need a patient and understanding human companion. I will chase a wand and play with cat toys. I thoroughly love romping with my feline brothers. My favorite home would be one that has another inside only cats. When I’m ready to relax during the day, I like to nestle in a covered cat condo. At night, I prefer the comfy human bed. I get my nails tips trimmed every two weeks, always during sleepy hours. I indulge in a bit of catnip from time to time. I prefer it sprinkled atop my scratching posts and cat tree. I am also sound trained and will come running for moist food and treats when I hear two clicks. I am in need of a stress-free indoor castle. I am currently very healthy and I’m told it’s important that I remain inside where I can stay that way. I was born FIV positive, which means my immune system could become weakened, making me susceptible to infections. With lots of love, good food, and great fun we can rule our realm together for years to come!

If you’d like more info on me, please click “Adopt Me” to fill out an adoption survey. By filling out an adoption survey, my New Leash on Life friends will be able to contact you to answer your questions about me and to help set up a meet and greet! (An adoption survey is not a commitment to adopt the pet you are interested in.)

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