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Cindy Bear

Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 1 year, 4 months


Status: Not Available

Special Needs: Cindy Bear is a very shy girl in need of a patient and quiet home with an experienced cat guardian or someone dedicated to learning to help her continue to overcome her fears.

Born under a vacant home being renovated by workers, this runt of her litter and her siblings spent the first 3 months of life without positive human interaction. Cindy still doesn’t care to be held for an extended time, but, will curl around her foster parents legs to enjoy a bit of petting. When tired, she allows her nails to be trimmed. Cindy LOVES the other cats in her foster home and enjoys sitting at the window watching the bird feeder with them. She would do best adopted into a home with a feline playmate.

Cindy Bear must be an indoor only companion with access to good food and great vet care. She is very healthy and it’s important that she remain inside where she can stay that way. As a kitten, Cindy tested positive for the antibodies to FIV (possibly through her mother’s milk). If exposed to viruses from outdoor pets, her immune system could become weakened, making her susceptible to infections.

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