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Bearie Bear

Sex: Neutered Male

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Age: 6 months


Status: Adoptable

My name is Beary Bear. I’m so happy you clicked on my adoption page! Did my sultry eyes and fluffy tail bring you here?

As you might have noticed, I am fashionably furred. I was born with a beauty mark beside my perfectly outlined nose. My grey medium length coat is accented with white fur around the neckline. I wear white fur trousers accented with coordinating grey patches.

For relaxation, I absolutely love to have my luxuriously silky hair brushed! Petting and massages are nice, too. Nail trims go smoothly when I’m sleepy.

When it comes to fun, I kick around balls, run through cat tunnels, and chase wand toys. I play very well with my litter mates and feline foster siblings.

I do enjoy indulging in a bit of catnip, especially sprinkled atop my scratching post and cat tree.

I am in need of a stress-free indoor kingdom. I’m am very healthy and I’m told it’s important that I remain inside where I can stay that way. I was born FIV positive, which means my immune system could become weakened, making me susceptible to infections.

With lots of love, good food, and great fun we can rule our castle together for years to come!

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