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Aunt Bee

Sex: Spayed Female

Breed: Poodle/Mix

Age: 9 years, 1 month

Size: Small (1-19)

Status: Adoptable

Aunt Bee is a sweet little senior gal with a little bit of sassiness too. (9-12 yrs; 12lbs) She has settled in with her foster and her personality is starting to shine. Aunt Bee has some ongoing health conditions from her age/neglect that are being addressed. She will need to be on medication for arthritis, and may require a special diet (chicken free). She has now had a dental, losing 10 teeth, but is already feeling better with a clean, healthier mouth. Aunt Bee has now been spayed and had some benign tumors removed at the same time. We are still treating her ears for infection and inflammation. Currently she is functionally deaf. Her hearing may or may not improve as the ear infections are cleared. Aunt Bee also has some sight limitations, but nothing that requires treatment at this time.

Aunt Bee has done excellent with the other dogs, big and small, and cat in her foster home. She seems to love people and follows her foster around the house and yard. As she begins to feel better she is showing a little spunk and will even jog through the yard and roll in the freshly mowed grass, making sure to get as much stuck in her fur as possible.
Aunt Bee enjoys going for short walks when the weather is nice (seniors do not do well in the heat). She has shown some interest in playing with small soft toys and the small dogs in her foster home. She would do best as an only dog who gets all her humans’ attention or in a home with dogs of similar size and energy level.

Aunt Bee has arthritis, which is not unusual for her age, but it makes her sensitive to being handled too roughly or picked up incorrectly. We think she would do best in a home without children. Because she cannot hear, she will need a secure fenced area for supervised potty breaks and exploring; without a fenced area she will need to be leashed whenever outside.

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